On what date did Elvis record his first single "That's All Right"?

With which single did Elvis Presley achieve his first UK number one?

On whose television show did Elvis create a storm with an energetic performance of Hound Dog, complete with a slowed-down bluesy ending?

Which of the following Elvis movies wasn't produced by Hal B. Wallis?

Who was Elvis Presley's first manager?

On what date was the live broadcast of Elvis' Aloha From Hawaii satellite show?

On which of these songs did Elvis play piano?

Which of the following guitarists did not feature on an Elvis Presley session?

Which song closed Elvis' 1968 television special?

Which of the Elvis movie/female co-star combinations is incorrect?

What was the last song performed by Elvis on television in the 1950s?

Which of these tracks was not a number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US?

What was Elvis' army number?

Which was the only Elvis movie to win a Golden Globe?

Which of these tracks did not appear on Elvis' 1960 album "Elvis Is Back"?

How many feature films did Elvis make in Hawaii?

Which song opened Elvis' classic 1969 album "From Elvis In Memphis"?

In which movie did Elvis say the line "Now you know what I do for an encore"?

Which songwriting team wrote Elvis' hit single "Don't"?

Which song did Elvis sing at a the Million Dollar Quartet session in 1956 and later record for his 1960 album "Elvis Is Back"?