What was Buddy Holly's real first name?

What instrument did Joe B. Mauldin of the Crickets play?

Whose appearance in Lubbock, Tx in 1955 inspired Buddy Holly to modify his performance style?

What was Buddy Holly's first hit single?

Which of these actors has not portrayed Buddy Holly on screen?

As a teenager, Buddy performed as part of a duo. What was the name of that duo?

What was the name of Buddy Holly's first album?

At which venue did Buddy Holly play his final gig on February 2, 1959?

Which Buddy Holly song contains the lyric "Memories of you make me sorry"?

What was Buddy Holly's final US top 20 single?

Who wrote Buddy Holly's posthumous UK number one hit "It Doesn't Matter Anymore"?

What record label signed Buddy Holly in 1956?

What was the first national television show that Buddy Holly appeared on?

Which of these Buddy Holly songs was not later used for a movie title?

Which performer owns the rights to Buddy Holly's song catalogue?

Which Buddy Holly song contains the lyric "Things will change and you'll be mine"?

In December 1958, Buddy made a number of acoustic home recordings at the Brevoort in Manhatten, New York. What were these tapes later known as?

Who wrote and first recorded the song "Three Stars" as a tribute to Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens?

What was the B-side of Buddy's classic 1957 single "Peggy Sue"?

On what date did Buddy Holly receive his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?