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Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young announce 1974 live album

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Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young are releasing a live album from their 1974 reunion tour. The as yet untitled album is expected to be released on August 27.

Graham Nash told Rolling Stone:

“It’s going to f—in’ stun people. We only multi-tracked eight or nine shows from the tour, and we’ve chosen the best from those gigs. We’ve had to do a little tuning, but not that much…But the spirit of the band! If I take myself out the band and look at it, it was a f—in’ great band.”

David Crosby hinted at a possible album title, making reference to the difficult personal relationships within the band at the time:

“I want to call it ‘What Could Possibly Go Wrong?’. I’m going to dig my heels and seriously fight for that. You can’t hear that without laughing your head off. It’s important to look at yourselves with a sense of humor in retrospect and realize what gigantic egos we had and what idiots we were. But I think it’s a great title. If I don’t get it, I’ll threaten to quit the band – at which point I’ll be reminded that there’s no band to quit!”

Crosby, Stills & Nash are back out on the road next month for a tour of the South and will then tour Europe, beginning on June 20 in Dresden, Germany. Nash has made it clear that he would like the complete group to perform together again:

“In my perfect world – and I’m only talking about what I would do – I would delay the release of this until the spring of 2014. I would ask David and Stephen and Neil to take three months off their busy lives and go out on tour to promote this record.”

For a taste of what to expect from the live album, here’s the group at London’s Wembley Stadium on September 14, 1974.

Last month saw the release of the “Stephen Stills – Carry On” box set, which presents over five hours of music spanning 50 years, including essential studio cuts, live recordings, new mixes, and 25 previously unreleased tracks.


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